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Is it too early to plan for your spring lawn care?

Early to late March is the best time to start planning for you spring lawn (depending on the winter season)! What services should you have performed to ensure a healthy green lawn?


Power Raking

Power raking is the process by which dead grass from the previous season is machine raked also known as de-thatching. Afterwards the grass is then hand raked and mowed to remove the remaining dead grass/debris. This process enables water to better penetrate the soil, instead of running off and allows for thicker grass growth. Fungus and other turf grass diseases are less likely to occur when thatch is removed. Power raking is ideal in the spring before the grass turns green, once the grass turns green power rake machines will pull out new growth and can potentially leave dead spots.

Hand Raking

Hand raking is done if power raking is not needed or if pine needles are present. It's done to pick up dead leaves in your lawn and then mowing short for first mow of the season.


One of the best ways to prepare your lawn for the spring and summer lawn care season is to aerate. Aeration is the process of poking holes in wet/moist ground and extracting plugs of soil; allowing for water to penetrate the roots of the grass for better saturation. The plugs of soil contain nutrients which are reintroduced to the lawn as they deteriorate on the surface and are broken down by mowing later. Aeration is ideal in the spring months when soil is still moist from winter.


Once the grass has been cleaned up, debris removed, your lawn is ready for regular maintenance! Grass should be maintained at a length of 2 1/2 to 3 inches to achieve the most healthy lawn conditions. Weekly mowing is recommended during peak growth times to maintain health. Grass if cut too short, may "burn" or dry out in the heat of the summer, causing the lawn to become water stress from quicker evaporation. We offer mowing every 7 days at the start of the season and as it warms up we then offer bi-weekly or mowing every 14 days.


Call us today to setup your spring services our schedule fills fast!

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